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Apartment Los Nietos Studio 7  is an apartment located in a building in the old center of Sibiu, 10 meters from the Great Square right next to the Council Tower. It is composed of 1 spacious bedroom, hall and bathroom. The bedroom has a double bed, a sofa bed and is furnished, has a lounge area. The bathroom is equipped with shower. Of course, the necessary linens and towels are not missing. At the entrance to the apartment there is a small outdoor space where you can serve a cauliflower and / or you can smoke :). The location benefits from cable TV and wifi internet.   
About the surroundings of the location: In the immediate vicinity of the location there are many points of common interest: grocery stores, Hypermarket, banks with ATMs, pharmacies, cafes, terraces, a series of tourist objectives, Piata Mare, Gara Sibiu, playground. All of these are within a maximum of 1-2 minutes on foot.   
House rules : We mention that during the stay the apartment is entirely yours but we have only three rules: do not smoke indoors, do not have parties and no animals. We just want to respect the apartment ... it's your house for a few days. Whenever you need something do not hesitate to call us! We are at your service. For us, the most essential thing we do is to make the tourists feel exactly as we like to feel on holiday. 

Construction Age: sec. XIII, sec. XVI, 1826  

Rectangular building consisting of basement, ground floor, floor and attic, common body with Piata Mică no. 31, resulting from the unification of several old houses. The attic roof has 3 high skylights covered by slope breaking. The two facade segments visible to the Little Square have a showcase in a circle arch and a window upstairs. The cellars are semi-cylindrical vaults, partially restored from bolts. It is worth noting the cursive metal railing from the end of the century. XIX from the inner courtyard.

A commemorative plaque tells us that the progressive poet Friedrich Krasser (1818-1893) lived and created here between 1857 and 1893. Krasser's daughter, Berta, was married to Dr. Carol Jikeli. Krasser's other daughter was Hermann Oberth's mother. In fact Friedrich Krasser lived at this address only in the first years after settling in Sibiu, moving from 1875 to G-ral Magheru Street no. 17, in their own homes.
At the end of the century. XIX at the ground floor there was the presentation shop of Andreas TΓΆrΓΆk, who had a repair shop and produced agricultural machines and tools in the Union Square. Dr. Carol Jikeli (1888-1929) and Otto Fritz Jickeli, the last owner of the Jickeli company, lived on the first floor of the body on the right. On July 28, 1948, Jikeli's old store was nationalized and transformed into the State Store "La Curtea de Fier", later "Ferometal".
Avram Iancu street is one of the oldest streets of the city dating from the middle of the century. XIV with the completion of the works at the 3rd fortification belt. It was inhabited by the skilled craftsmen and later by the patricians of the city, for centuries this street was the best address in Sibiu. In 1556 it appears under the name of Reyssbargas, in 1776 it is called the Oryza Plateau and from 1875 it is called Reispergasse until 1919 when it bears the present name of Avram Iancu, except for the years 1948-1970 when it was named the 23rd of August. In 1736 it is mentioned the location of a well with pipes. The fountain located near the house no. 1, was adorned with a colossal stone shell. The buildings on the left side from the numbers 7-11 have the courtyard supported on the old wall of the fortress in the III enclosure (1366), or even have included defense towers such as the houses of the no. 9, 13, 19 and 31. Avram Iancu street was connected to Gen Magheru street by a bridge built on two pillars. The bridge with the adjacent house was demolished in the middle of the century. XIX to widen the access to the climb. At the middle of the street on the left side, the School Pass begins through a tunnel that connects with the lower city (Movilei Street).
Source: https://www.patrimoniu.sibiu.ro


 Str. Avram Iancu nr. 1, Sibiu