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Apartment Samuel Residence has 1 bedroom with double bed, kitchen (which has a sofa bed that can sleep a person) and bathroom with shower.
The building has facilities such as: flat screen TV both in the kitchen and in the bedroom, washing machine, equipped kitchen (microwave oven, electric hob, oven, hood, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishes, toaster).
The apartment can accommodate up to 3 people.
Of course, the necessary linens and towels are not missing. The location benefits from cable TV and wifi internet. At the entrance to the apartment there is a small outdoor hall where you can serve a cauliflower and / or you can smoke :)
Due to the complex and necessary daily facilities, the apartment is ideal for stays of several nights!
About the surroundings of the location: In the immediate vicinity of the location there are many points of common interest: grocery stores, Hypermarket, banks with ATMs, pharmacies, cafes, terraces, a series of tourist objectives, Piata Mare, Gara Sibiu, playground. All of these are within 7-8 minutes walking distance.

House rules : We mention that during the stay the apartment is entirely yours but we have only three rules: do not smoke indoors, do not have parties and no animals. We just want to respect the apartment ... it's your house for a few days. Whenever you need something do not hesitate to call us! We are at your service. For us, the most essential thing we do is to make the tourists feel exactly as we like to feel on holiday.

- History of our location - 

The name of the building was the "Transylvania" Palace 
Construction age: sf. sec. XIX 

Description : Building built on the site of 3 old houses, consisting of ground floor and two floors. Together with two other bodies, they form two courts. One of the bodies has a basement.  The faΓ§ade in eclectic style, structured on eleven axes, with two access gangs.  Rectangular windows, 11 on each level, have a frame, and on the first floor a parapet with balusters. Under the cornice garland decorations. Commemorative plaque on the building with reference to the Tribune newspaper, which had its first headquarters here between 1884 and 1889:  "In this place the editorial staff of the Tribuna newspaper worked, among the editors, between 1887-1889, the great Romanian poet George Coşbuc" Historic: In the old building, the newspaper Tribuna of Ioan Slavici had its first headquarters in 1884-1889.  Here was the headquarters of the largest Insurance Bank in Transylvania, opened in 1868, Transylvania Bank was the owner of the building, it had offices on the 1st floor.  In the rear body of the building from no. 3 has been working since 1900 the photographic workshop of Emil Fischer. At the entrance door upstairs there was a glass-blown glass window decorated with 1900-style motifs until the beginning of this century.  The cellar of the building became an anti-aircraft shelter since 1941.  Important I see commercial, the building presented on the ground floor 5 commercial spaces.  On the left side was the cloth and rug store of Julius Wermescher, the representative of the Scherg fabric factory in Brasov, until nationalization. During the communist period, the shop's profile was continued, in this location a carpet shop was operating.  In the central part of the building, another legend shop was that of Fritz Connerth, who produced and sold ladies' hats. The company was also established in 1884 and operated at this address until its nationalization in 1948. Fritz Connerth lived here. Also in the central part, on the right, there were several shops, the most famous being the Julius ErΓΆs watches and jewelry (until the First World War) with the famous stellar watch company and the Juliu Meinl deli store from No 24 during the interwar period.  On the right side of the building, the clothing store of Julia Rosenthal worked before the First World War, and after the war the shop of presentation of the fabrics and fabrics Gromen & Herbert S.A. will open here. which after 1930 will be called TEXCOM.  Another store opened after World War I and which ran until nationalization was the perfume shop of Viktor Wilhelm Augustin.  The Central Bank for Industry and Commerce (Sibiu branch) worked in this building in the mid-1930s.  
Source: https://patrimoniu.sibiu.ro 


   Str. Nicolae Balcescu nr 1, Sibiu