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Regarding the accommodation, we offer you an apartment composed of: bedroom with double bed, another smaller bedroom with sofa bed, a living room with extendable corner, kitchen and own bathroom with walk in shower.
The apartment is fully equipped: furniture and TV in each room, dishwasher, washing machine, electric oven and hob, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishes required, iron, ironing board, linens bed and towels, etc. The apartment can accommodate up to 5 people.
 The location benefits from cable TV and wifi internet.
Due to the complex and daily necessities, it is ideal for several nights stays!

House rules: We mention that during the stay the apartment is totally yours but we have only three rules: do not smoke indoors, do not have parties and no animals. We just want to respect the apartment ... it's your house for a few days. Whenever you need something do not hesitate to call us! We are at your service. For us, the most essential thing we do is to make the tourists feel exactly as we like to feel on holiday.   

 - History of our location - 

Construction Age : 1681, sec. XVIII; Mid. sec. XIX Building consisting of basement, ground floor and floor, with the facade organized on five axes upstairs and four on the ground floor, where the second axis, left, is reserved for the vaulted semicircular arch vault. The windows of the floor have plasterboard and adjustable shutters. Roof in two waters, ridge parallel to the facade, unified with no. 10, two eye-type skylights. Upstairs rooms have baroque ceiling stuccoes.  
About the surroundings of the location: The building in which our apartment is located was built in 1928 and is located on Str. Typographer who is parallel to Str. N. Balcescu and Cetatii. Here are a series of buildings built between the 16th and 20th centuries. In the middle of the street opens the Schiller Square, where the bust of the great German poet and playwright Schiller, located in a niche of a building, is located. At 5-6 meters from the location is Pardon Cafe Restaurant, located on Str. Fortresses, the street called "The most beautiful street in Sibiu". This pedestrian is still guarded by the 3 medieval defense towers: the Archbishop's Tower, the Pottery Tower and the Carpenter's Tower. They served the defense wall built between the XIII and XIV centuries.  The Natural History Museum is also about 10 meters away. Here, in 2007 was opened the most modern exhibition of natural history in Romania. Sibiu's Great Market where you find a number of tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, terraces, etc., is about 50 m away. At 150m there is the Medicine Faculty in Sibiu.  
Source: https://patrimoniu.sibiu.ro 


Str. Tipografilor, nr.9, Sibiu