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Apartment Benjamin Residence is an apartment located in a building in the old city center of Sibiu, 30 meters from Piata Mare. It is composed of a bedroom, a spacious living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. In the bedroom there is a double bed and in the living room an extendable corner. The kitchen is furnished and equipped with fridge, coffee maker, electric hob, toaster, dishes, etc. The bathroom is equipped with shower. Of course, the necessary linens and towels are not missing. The location benefits from cable TV and wifi internet.

About the surroundings of the location : In the immediate vicinity of the location there are many points of common interest: grocery stores, Hypermarket, banks with ATMs, pharmacies, cafes, terraces, a series of tourist objectives, Piata Mare, Gara Sibiu, playground. All of these are within 7-8 minutes walking distance.

House Rules : We mention that during the stay the apartment is entirely yours but we have only three rules: do not smoke indoors, do not have parties and no animals. We just want to respect the apartment ... it's your house for a few days. Whenever you need something do not hesitate to call us! We are at your service. For us, the most essential thing we do is to make the tourists feel exactly as we like to feel on holiday. 

 - History of our location - 

Construction Age: sf. sec. XV; 1571
The name of the building was the Weidner House
Four-body building enclosing a rectangular enclosure. The main body made up of basement, ground floor and floor has a 5 axis facade. The ground floor modified to the left at the beginning of the century has 3 windows on the right and is fully fitted with bushes. The 5 upstairs windows, with traditional shutters, have simple frames. The high roof in two waters, with a ridge parallel to the facade, is ventilated by 5 metal skylights. Access to the premises is through a semi-cylindrical gang with penetrations. The semi-cylindrical cellars, with penetrations, belong to the building of the century. XV. The body behind the court encloses an octagonal tower of the III enclosure, with a pyramidal roof, transformed into a dwelling in sec. XIX

Special item : The Renaissance portal made of stone, with grooved pilasters supporting an element in a circle arch surmounted by a horizontal cornice, with plant decorations between the two elements; - Stone frame with denticles in the gang, with badge dated 1571 and the initials JW, indicating the restoration after the fire of 1570. On the stone arch you could read before the war the motto โ€œVIEL WISSEN UND WENIG SAGEN / NICHT ANTWORTEN AUF ALLE FRAGENโ€ (SA you know a lot but to say the least / does not answer all who ask) painted with gothic letters; - The tower transformed into the dwelling behind the court (14th century).
Known as the Weidner House, it has a portal with grooved rectangular columns. Here he lived between 1889 and 1893 the future Hungarian architect Kร“S KรROLY, a prominent personality in the regeneration of medieval language in modern architecture. In 1851 the Academy of Law from the Little Square moves here. At the end of the century. XIX the house is bought by Ioan Bฤƒdilฤƒ, judge next to the Sibiu Court. After his death the house is bought by the local councilor Ioan Moldovan and during the interwar period it appears in the property of the ASTRA Association. Between 1896-1902 here was the headquarters of the Sibiu Electric Plant - UES (Hermannstaedter Elektrizitaetswerke AG) At the end of the century. XIX opens a restaurant that will operate for decades under various companies and owners, the first was Friedrich Quandt (came from no. 11), followed by his son Viktor; From 1908 appears the Unger Restaurant (of Josef Unger) until November 1932 when Leopold Schneider Hospital is opened. In July 1938 Carl Kasper's Terrace-Restaurant opened, which remained open until nationalization. On the left side Ludwig Etter opens in 1865 a shop that will specialize in time in sewing machines and other mechanical objects and tools. At the beginning of the century. XX appears in a clothing store, followed by Grรผnblatt Benjamin's antique shop. In the inter-war period, the pharmacy of Binder & Wittmayer called "at the Angel", coming from Bฤƒlcescu street, will move. After the war the owner was Hans Binder, until nationalization in 1949. It continues to operate as a pharmacy and still today, being one of the oldest pharmacies in Sibiu.
Deli 'Gourmet House - current store - In 2018 opens in the front of the building - Deli' Gourmet House, where we find all the ingredients we need to cook healthy with carefully selected ingredients (salami with truffles, wine or spicy Pasini and cheese of all kinds). Also here, passers-by will have the opportunity to stop and sit at a table, a coffee or a glass of wine and eat a slice of prosciutto with a wand and a delicious cheese. We mention that the furniture in Deli 'Gourmet is the furniture that belonged to the pharmacy' 'La Ingerul' '.
Source: https://patrimoniu.sibiu.ro 


 Str. Avram Iancu nr. 9, Sibiu