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Wagner Studio is an apartment located in a building in the old center of Sibiu, 50 meters from Piata Mare. It is composed of 2 spacious bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The bedrooms have a double bed and are furnished. The rooms are equipped with fridge, coffee maker, toaster, etc. Of course, the necessary linens and towels are not missing. The location benefits from cable TV and wifi internet.

About the surroundings of the location: In the immediate vicinity of the location there are many points of common interest: grocery stores, Hypermarket, banks with ATMs, pharmacies, cafes, terraces, a series of tourist objectives, Piata Mare, Gara Sibiu, playground. All of these are within 2-3 minutes walking distance.
House rules: We mention that during the stay the apartment is entirely yours but we have only three rules: do not smoke indoors, do not have parties and no animals. We just want to respect the apartment ... it's your house for a few days. Whenever you need something do not hesitate to call us!
We are at your service. For us, the most essential thing we do is to make the tourists feel exactly as we like to feel on holiday.

- History of our location - 

Construction age: Sec. XV - XVI; XVIII; 1/4 sec. XX

Building consisting of basement, ground floor and first floor. The facade is structured on six axes. The windows on the left side of the ground floor have shutters with adjustable slats. The portal in semicircular arch, baroque wooden gate. Roof with four eye-type skylights. Subsequent to the house were added a beam from the street of the adjacent houses (16th and 18th centuries).

Old Names:
1430 Sporergasse Plate
1507 Sporergasse
the lower part was called Kleine Salzgasse, and from 1873 the Bahngasse to 1929.
1929 King Carol II (Konig Karl Gasse)
1934 to the Pintenului
1947 King Mihai changed immediately to V.M. Molotov
1970 G-ral Magheru

Important moment:
1890 The Salt Tower is demolished;
1891 The climb slope is regularized;
1903 The extension of the street to the station opens.
1996 At the intersection with Avram Iancu Street, the statue of Nicolaus Olahus, a work executed by Călin Baciu and Septimiu Enghis, is erected.
Source: https://patrimoniu.sibiu.ro 


Str. General Mageru nr.15, Sibiu