Sibiu - Emergency Kit 

Some information that will help you when you visit Sibiu 

What do you do in Sibiu if ... you're hungry at night, you want to buy flowers on the weekend, you need a late-hour vet, and more? Because when you are in a foreign city a lot of unforeseen situations can arise that can be easily solved with the advice of a local person, we have gathered for you some solutions to the most common minor problems that can give you a headache. during your visit to Sibiu.If you were in Sibiu and you needed information that we did not include here, leave us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we will complete the article;).
Where can I find a non-stop pharmacy?
Depending on where you are when you urgently need a certain drug or pharmaceutical product outside normal business hours, we have prepared a list of 3 pharmacies, If you are in the central area, Eco Pharmacy in the roundabout on Constitution Street it will be your best bet!

Pharmaceutical Policeman Mihai Viteazu
Eco Farmacia (roundabout of the Constitution)
SanMarco Pharmacy

Where can I buy flowers on the weekend?
You won't realize how valuable this information is until you wake up March 1 at 10 in the evening without a bouquet of flowers. Or any Sunday afternoon, before a meeting. Or whenever you urgently need a simple joy but you are out of hours of regular flowering hours. The only non-stop flower shop in Sibiu you can find on Milea Blvd., and make deliveries, free of charge. With pleasure!

Elena Florist
Where can you eat late at night?
Although it is a city so full of life and events, Sibiu is quite weak in the category "places where you can eat at night". And unfortunately. none of them are located in the historical center. If you do not want to go to one of them, one method used by many Sibiu people is to order by taxi, which will bring you the desired food wherever you are, for a fee.

Super Mom Calea Dumbrăvii
Dabo Doner Vasile Milea
McDonalds Shopping City Sibiu

What if my pet spits something on the weekend?
If you live in Sibiu or if you are out here in the past, together with your best friend, it is possible (although we do not want to) that you need a veterinary clinic with an emergency, non-stop service. We found it for you, it's called Vetcon and it is on the traffic light. But we wish you did not need this information!
Vetcon Veterinary Clinic